7 Pregnancy Trends To Expect In 2014

Times are a changin', and so are the way parents-to-be are preparing for their little bundles of joy.

After investigating baby showers, product debuts, celebrities, and pregnancy message boards, parenting and pregnancy website, The Bump, identified parenting ideas that are starting to catch on.

From new nursery ideas to prenatal workouts, here's what the moms-and-dads-in-waiting have up their sleeves for 2014:

Online Pregnancy Announcements
A phone call or email isn’t going to cut it anymore -- pregnancy announcements are going viral. “Last year was the year of creative gender reveals, but this year, parents will be upping the ante with their pregnancy announcements,” says Rebecca Dolgin, editor-in-chief of The Bump. So far, we've seen rap videos, faux movie previews, and more.
Techie Baby Supplies
Mimo Baby
Moms and dads-to-be are embracing technology in all sorts of ways. Innovative gear and apps are slowly creeping their way into the parent-sphere . “Smart” onesies, self-installation car seats and monitors that sends texts to an iPhone may soon be taking precedence on registries in 2014.
Uncommon Names
Parents will be opting for nicknames instead of choosing traditional full names this year. Unisex names will also pop up everywhere. “Bailey, Dylan, Hadley, Kai, Kennedy and Rowan are just a few top gender-neutral favorites that we’ll be seeing for both boys and girls in 2014,” says Dolgin.
Sophisticated Nurseries
HGTV may be inspiring parents these days, because baby rooms are taking on more sophisticated themes. “Abstract art and large prints with bright colors, bold shapes and exaggerated strokes will make an appearance on nursery walls,” says Dolgin. She adds that textures such as plush toys, leather gliders, velour accents and faux-fur rugs are also impacting nursery choices.
Relaxing Registries
Baby lotion... cute booties... a couples' massage? If you happen to stumble upon that last item on a baby registry, rest assured it is no mistake. Moms will still ask for the essentials, but they’ll be adding more relaxing items to their lists. “New to the game are experiential registries that allow the parents-to-be to register for massages, date nights, wine tastings (after baby is born!) and other treats that parents can use before baby arrives or after to keep the romance alive,” says Dolgin.
Grandma Showers
“With more and more baby boomer parents taking on the role of nanny to their grandchildren, they too need a car seat, stroller, high chair and other gear that can cost hundreds, even thousands, of dollars,” says Dolgin. So obviously the solution is to have a “Granda Shower.” Yep, grandmothers can celebrate with her son or daughter at the main baby shower as well as with her own group of friends.
Barre Prenatal Workouts
Pregnant women are getting tired of the same ole' routine -- literally. Dolgin says that the hottest expectant mom trend of this year is the barre workout. It utilizes the ballet barre for a full-body workout that’s also low-impact (perfect for moms-to-be!)” With programs like Pure Barre, Xtend Barre, and the Bar Method staying fit during pregnancy never looked so fun.
Creative Pregnancy Announcements