Pregnant Husband Tumblr: Dad Jeffrey Bausch Documents Pregnancy And New Parenthood Through GIFS

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When Jeffrey Bausch's wife was almost three months pregnant, she started to feel nervous about becoming a mom. Dad-to-be wanted to do something to put her at ease and make her laugh. And so, Pregnant Husband, a Tumblr of animated GIFs documenting their journey, was born.

Six months and 36 pages later, they've welcomed their son and Mom is not the only one laughing at Dad's site.

Check out some highlights from Pregnant Husband below (plus, a couple of bonus GIFs from Daddy Newbie, Bausch's new venture!):

Me talking about how a husband can experience sympathy pains during a wife’s pregnancy. My wife’s reaction:

Trying to have a beer in front of my pregnant wife. What she sees:

When my pregnant wife gets up 15 times in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, and the one time she falls asleep, I wake up and have to go to the bathroom, when I get up to go, she’s like:

When my pregnant wife wants a snack and I suggest having fruit, she’s like:

When my pregnant wife goes a few hours without feeling tired or nauseous or sore, she’s like:

When my pregnant wife is too tired to do anything yet still insists on going out because she feels like she’s being lazy if she stays in for the night. It’s like:

When we go out with another pregnant couple and both wives say that we can get drinks and that they’ll drive home. We’re like:

When my pregnant wife is craving peppermint patties and she picks them up on the way home and I come home and there’s one left and I go to reach for it. She’s like:

When we hear the baby’s heartbeat and the doctor tells us everything is fine at our monthly check-up after a week of my pregnant wife making herself nervous over the idea that there could be something wrong and me constantly telling her nothing’s wrong. I’m like:

When my pregnant wife tells me that she just laughed so hard that she peed a little bit. I’m like:

The moment my pregnant wife decides I’m taking up too much room in the bed. She’s like:

When we’re at the OBGYN office and are given the okay by the secretary to take the elevator down to see the sonographer. I’m like:

Listening to two pregnant women exchange baby name ideas. I’m like:

Whenever someone asked us if we were hoping the baby is a boy or a girl. Just to confuse the questioner, we’d be like:

When we’re going down the toys aisle at Babies R Us, I push one of the toys’ buttons and it’s super-loud - enough to attract the attention of my pregnant wife the next aisle over. When she sees me, I’m like:

As we approach the third trimester, whenever I ask my pregnant wife how she’s feeling. She’s like:

When a stranger comes up and starts commenting on my pregnant wife’s baby bump. She’s like:

When I try and snuggle up next to my pregnant wife but she’s feeling too uncomfortable to have anyone near her. It’s like:

Whenever my pregnant wife uses the “I can’t do that — I’m creating life over here” excuse. I’m like:

When I threaten to eat the rest of my wife’s dessert. She’s like:

When the baby is kicking particularly hard – enough that I can see the movement from across the room. I imagine the scene inside my wife’s baby belly to be something like:

When I come home to my pregnant wife looking exhausted and lying on the couch and ask her if she was able to finish everything on her “to-do” list for today. She’s like:

When the car seat won’t fit in the car even though it says that it’s supposed to fit in the car. I’m like:

When the baby is kicking particularly hard and making my pregnant wife uncomfortable. Looking at her belly, she’s like:

When we’re out and someone’s annoying my pregnant wife with unhelpful parenting advice. I’m like:

When my pregnant wife is crying for no reason and I ask if it’s because of her hormones. She’s like:

My 9-month pregnant wife trying to get off the couch. She’s like:

How my 9 months pregnant wife is feeling these days. She’s like:

With the baby now three days overdue, my (very uncomfortable) wife and me talking to her belly. We’re like:

When my pregnant wife is ready to go to bed. She’s like:

When the maternity wing is over-filled with patients and my wife has to share a room with someone else. I’m like:

When I heard my son’s cry for the first time in the delivery room. I was like:

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