Pregnant Man Thomas Beatie Introduces Three Children, Considers Hysterectomy

In 2008, Thomas Beatie made news when he became the first man to give birth. (If you missed it, Beatie was born a girl, had his breasts removed and legally became a man, but kept his female reproductive organs intact.) Since then, he has delivered two more children: Austin, 2, and Jensen, 1.

Now, Beatie is considering another big change -- a hysterectomy -- to help stabilize him as a male, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Beatie appeared with his wife Nancy and the three children in an exclusive interview on "The Doctors" today to discuss his transition from motherhood to fatherhood and to talk about how all of this attention has affected his family. The controversial pregnancies have not been easy for them.

"People have used the debate that what we're doing is unnatural," Thomas says. "We've received death threats [that say] our children are going to go to hell, we're going to go to hell, we should be killed."

According to, Beatie also discusses the medical complications he's faced from years of hormone treatments and giving birth to three children. Like so many moms, Beatie says he's struggled with his appearance and getting back into shape. Star health and wellness expert Jillian Michaels gives him her advice.