Pregnant! Nicole Kidman Reportedly Quits Film, Confirms News

6:40 pm Update:
Nicole Kidman's rep confirms the actress IS expecting a baby with husband Keith Urban. "The couple are thrilled," the rep said in short a statement.

Previously from Monday's Page Six:

Nicole Kidman's rep has spent the last week tirelessly shooting down reports that the flame-haired actress is pregnant as "unreliable gossip" - but we're not buying it for one second, and here's why:

Page Six has heard from extremely well-placed sources that the Oscar-winning Aussie - who's suffered miscarriages in the past - not only has a bun in the oven but is so concerned about the welfare of her unborn child that she's taking a break from her film career and has dropped out of director Stephen Daldry's post-World War II Germany drama "The Reader," which she was supposed to start shooting this month.

The movie is based on Bernhard Schlink's prize-wining book about a man who carries a longtime sexual obsession for an older woman who's later prosecuted for war crimes after it emerges she was a member of the SS and a guard at Auschwitz. But the Weinstein Company, which is producing, will now have to get another leading lady to join Ralph Fiennes and Bruno Ganz and a largely German cast, our sources said.


see recent photos of Nicole also fueling rumors

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