Pregnant Student Goes Into Labor During Bar Exam, Still Finishes Exam

A pregnant Northwestern law grad taking the Illinois bar exam went into labor during the test on Wednesday. Remarkably, the recent grad actually finished the bar, despite being in 'active' labor during the exam, and gave birth to a healthy baby boy two hours later. Congratulations all around. has more on just how awesome this woman is:

Mother Bar Exam is a recent graduate of Northwestern Law. She is also a total rock star (not literally, but figuratively). MBE is one of the top-ranked students in the school's Accelerated J.D. ("AJD") program, which allows students to get a law degree in two years rather than three.

While in law school, MBE was on the law review board, worked in NU Law's prestigious Supreme Court clinic, and served as a director in the Young Lawyers' Section of the Chicago Bar. She has not one but two federal judicial clerkships lined up, one circuit court and one district court, both with excellent judges.

Before the test started, the woman told the proctors of the bar that there was potential she could go into labor during the exam, and asked if she could leave early if this happened. The proctors agreed. After she realized she was in labor, the woman finished the exam early, and went to the hospital across the street where she had the baby.