Aimee Roseborrough, 8-Month Pregnant Woman Still Rock Climbing

Supermom! 8 Months Pregnant And Climbing Mountains

Dear Woman Who Gave Birth After Finishing a Marathon, meet your match. Aimee Roseborrough is in her eighth month of pregnancy and she is climbing whole mountains. The 36-year-old physical therapist has been rock climbing for 14 years. She kept at the sport until she was at 37 weeks in her first pregnancy. Now, she's at 34 weeks with her second and has no plans to slow down.

Roseborrough says climbing is an escape, "I do kind of get to forget that I'm so huge and, at times, uncomfortable ... it takes you to beautiful place," she said on Good Morning America. And, she thanks her hormones for her extra flexibility.

Babble's Carolyn Castiglia wondered whether this type of activity is at all safe for pregnant women, and found that Roseborrough isn't the only mom doing it. Mom Carrie Cooper posted video of herself -- at 39 weeks pregnant -- climbing up the side of a rock.

And Teresa Delfin, another climbing mom, created Mountain Mama, a website for woman who "should have stylish, functional clothing at all stages of life -- including pregnancy," after she was disappointed by the lack of long john underwear in her pregnant rock-climbing days.

So, is extreme exercise in pregnancy safe? Raul Artal, M.D., professor and chairman of the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Women's Health at the St. Louis University School of Medicine told The Huffington Post that it's risky, and there are important reasons to be cautious.

While a moderate amount of exercise is healthy for pregnant woman, he said, it's important to recognize the difference between extreme physical exertion and everyday activity. Keeping fit throughout pregnancy prepares women's bodies for labor. He suggests walking, jogging and yoga as three safe activities.

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