Pregnant Woman, Husband Kicked Off Spirit Airlines Flight For Asking For Water

UPDATE: In response to the reports that Mitchell Roslin and his pregnant wife were kicked off a plane for asking for water, a Spirit Airlines official has emailed their side of the story.

According to Misty Pinson of the company's Corporate Communications department, it was actually Mr. Roslin who was at fault.

She writes:

* Spirit did not deny water to anyone. Beverages were offered for purchase just as we do on all of our flights.

* The real story is that Dr. Roslin was escorted off the flight for violating federal law for interfering with a flight crew.

* He was causing a disturbance and attempted to incite other passengers to the point that another passenger started to cry in fear as a result of his behavior.

* He made verbal references to terrorism.

* His continued disturbance caused further delays to the flight.

* His escalating behavior was a safety risk to the crew and other passengers.

* His son kicked a Spirit employee in the groin.

* He had to be removed from the aircraft by law enforcement.

Attempts are being made to verify these assertions. More details as they come...



It's not just famous directors who are getting kicked off planes for bizarre reasons.

A New York doctor claims that he was booted from a Spirit Airlines flight for asking for water for his pregnant wife on Sunday.

Mitchell Roslin, the Chief of Obesity Surgery at Manhattan's Lenox Hill Hospital, says that after being grounded at LaGuardia Airport for two hours in a hot plane his attempts to get water for his 7-month pregnant wife were repeatedly refused.

Roslin informed the New York Post that flight attendants told him that it was "against corporate policy" to give him water before the plane was in the air.

The doctor was asked to leave the plane after continuing to plead for water, and ultimately did so with his wife and family in tow.