Pregnant Woman Creates Mesmerizing Video Of Her Growing Belly

Pregnant Woman Creates Mesmerizing Video Of Her Growing Belly

In case you forgot how miraculous pregnancy is, here's your reminder.

This mom-to-be had a photo of her herself taken every day for nine months, her belly growing larger and larger as she pretended to suck air out of a balloon. The result, posted to Vimeo three years ago, remains seriously endearing.

"We liked the idea of the balloon because it was simple and had a childlike charm," the clip's star, Alexa, who created the video with her husband, told HuffPost. "And, honestly, neither of us had ever done stop motion before and it was the only idea we had that we thought we could actually pull off."

Alexa -- who said yes, she did change out of that single outfit after posing each day -- explained that she and her husband loved the idea of making something to give their daughter when she got older.

"Althea Elicona gets born," reads a description posted to Vimeo by the newborn's proud dad. And just when you think the video couldn't be cuter, little Althea makes her entrance.

This post has been updated to feature an original version of the video along with comments from its creator.

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