Pregnant Zombie Arrested For Alleged DUI: Alabama Cops Responding To Murder Find Drunk Woman (PHOTO)

Supposed Murder Actually A Zombie Surprise (PHOTO)

Not really dead, not really undead.

A female driver who police in Alabama thought was fatally shot at the wheel of her car turned out to be an intoxicated Halloween partygoer who fell asleep wearing her bloody pregnant zombie costume.

Police responded on Thursday to what appeared to be a shooting in Birmingham. When they arrived on the scene, however, police said they found the victim still drunk, slumped over the wheel of her SUV.

"You can see why someone thought she had been shot,'' said one officer, reports.

"We're unsure the amount of time she was at the intersection, but we do know that it was not a very long period of time, due to the location. It’s a busy intersection and it would be easy to cause a delay in traffic," police Sgt. Johnny Williams told NBC News.

"I can say that we are uncertain what her costume represented, but it did entail face paint and a large amount of fake blood. She believed that officers pulled her over, but they had to wake her as she sat at a traffic signal. The car was still running (in gear) when officers managed to wake her. "

The fake blood and pregnant appearance were all part of her costume.

Police woke the woman, handcuffed her, charged her with a DUI and escorted her to the city jail.


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