PREMIERE: Haezer x Proxy - 'God Mode'

It's not every day that you get two underground champions working together on the same track, especially when they hail from different continents. Sure enough, the gentlemen over at Kannibalen Records have released a monumental track by Haezer and Proxy that is sure to turn some heads. From thundering bass kicks, to grooving hi-hats, the ebbs and flows of this collaboration are sure to please crowds internationally. From Russia to South Africa, the worlds of techno and electro collide with the heavy-hitting 'God Mode.'


Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, Haezer has been making his rounds and touring extensively since he began producing in 2008. Prominently considered a major part of the glitch, breakbeat, and industrial electro scenes, he's become a household name in terms of South African dance music. Haezer has garnered a significant amount of success, sharing stages with the likes of Gesaffelstein at South Side Festival (Germany), Chase and Status at Hurricane (Germany), Sigma and Koan Sound at G'stort Im Park (Austria) and co-headlined with Black Tiger Sex Machine, Apasche, and Friction in South Africa (along with numerous other acts). Last year, he was signed to the up-and-coming Canadian-based Kannibalen Records. He also became the co-owner of the prominent Cape Town dance club Fiction; a venue where Haezer got his start in the electro scene.


Meanwhile, situated in the northern hemisphere and more than 9,000 miles away, Proxy has been heralded as everything but your typical Russian producer. He began his career in production after being inspired by the English electronic group The Prodigy, and you can see the influence in his tracks. Although relatively centered in the realm of techno, Proxy has earned his electro stripes as well and is considered a pillar in the underground scene. He's built an empire of acclaim surrounding his aggressive releases, and has garnered praise from significant artists such as Justice, Boys Noize, and Erol Aiken. His tracks have been the subject of inspiration for many up and coming artists, especially those diving into the dark and heavy realms of distortion and bass.

These two artists coming together feels like more than a serendipitous collaboration, but rather a cosmically fabricated necessity to produce a work worthy of the name "God Mode."

The song begins reminiscent of a Prodigy track with repetitive vocal sampling and a perfect combination of trashy cymbals and snares, before introducing the thick kick drums and treble driven synths. It only builds from there as perfectly distorted bass and modulated noise enter the mix filling out the sound and bringing the track to life. The overall progression feels right at home with Kannibalen; there's an adrenaline-pumping, dark, and grimy nature to it that feels oh so right in all the right places. The production is tight and the subtle changes throughout are enough to keep it from approaching the realm of monotony. Even if just for the nuances within the mix, the track is worth giving multiple listens. Under-written cymbal hits as well as some real pure industrial touches allow this track to be set on repeat with a new detail found with each play.

Overall the track is layered, exciting, and well worth the praise I'd received before listening. I'm definitely excited to see if this leads to any more collaboration between Haezer and Proxy, and what else the guys over at Kannibalen Records plan on throwing our way in the future