Premila Lal, 18-Year-Old Colorado Teen, Shot Dead In Prank Gone Wrong

A Colorado teen was shot and killed Friday evening after a prank on a friend went horribly wrong.

Police say that Premila Lal, 18, and a cousin planned to scare her 15-year-old brother and an older friend, Nerrek Galley, by making noise and jumping out of a closet. But when Galley thought there was an intruder wandering the house, he opened fire, fatally injuring Lal.

"They somehow entered the house and my son and Nerrek didn't know it was them," Lal's father, Pravenn, told KDVR. "After she was shot, then Nerrek realized it was Premila."

Galley, 21, rushed Lal to Longmont United Hospital, where she was later pronounced dead.

"We can characterize this young women's death as unintended and extremely tragic," Cmdr. Jeff Satur, Longmont police spokesman, told the Denver Post.

At the time of the incident, Lal was supposed to attend Niwot High School’s homecoming football game, according to Fox News.

Police arrested Galley on charges unrelated to the shooting, according to the Longemont Times-Call.



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