Prenatal Yoga: 7 Pose Tutorials For Pregnant Moms-To-Be (VIDEOS)

Research tells us that the benefits of prenatal yoga can include stress relief, preparation for labor and better sleep.

"When we practice when we’re pregnant, it makes a space in our bodies that we need... for the baby and for ourselves," ViraYoga founder and instructor Elena Brower told HuffPost Parents in April. "Breathing helps us create that opening inside of ourselves."

As part of the FitPregnancy video series, Dr. Ye Nguyen, a Hawaiian naturopathic physician, yoga therapist and doula, demonstrates a series of restorative poses that can open up the hips and heart and help expecting moms get ready to give birth. Click through the video playlist above for how-to instructions on seven beginner-level poses -- Lunge, Goddess, Child's, Chest Opener, Cat/Cow, Butterfly and Tree -- to try at home. Even if you can't do them in a setting as idyllic as Dr. Nguyen's beach, they're likely to help you relax.

For a list of prenatal yoga safety guidelines, click over to the Mayo Clinic.

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