Prenup: Should You Get One? 'Fox & Friends' Gives Advice

'Fox & Friends' Gives Controversial Prenup Advice

"Fox & Friends" tackled money and marriage in a segment on Wednesday, and their advice has us shaking our heads.

When asked about whether or not couples should sign a prenuptial agreement, personal finance expert Dave Ramsey replied, "Don't do prenups unless someone is extremely wealthy and the person they're marrying is not. Other than that, you'd stay away from prenups."

He continued: "If you're not willing to take the bullet for someone, you shouldn't be marrying them. if you love your collectible car that's in the garage more than your fiancé, don't marry them. You're not ready for marriage."

To which "Fox & Friends" co-host Brian Kilmeade replied, "very good advice." (Watch the full segment above.)

However, according to HuffPost Divorce blogger Diana Mercer, a prenup may benefit all married couples -- wealthy or not:

You don't need a prenup if you think that you have no talent, you'll stay broke and never go anywhere in your career. Assuming you have a halfway optimistic view of your future prospects, you'll have something eventually even if you don't now. You may not be rich, but you definitely want to have a successful marriage. Having frank, detailed and honest discussions regarding how you'll handle joint and solo finances will ensure that there won't be any surprises once you're hitched. Talking about money issues in advance will help ensure that you handle your finances with minimal conflict during your marriage as well as in case of divorce.

We want to know: where do you stand on this issue? Are prenups only for the wealthy, or do they serve a practical purpose in any marriage?

Let us know in the comments, then click through the slideshow below for more on this and other prenup myths, courtesy of Mercer:

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