Preparing for Life After Life

Preparing for Life After Life
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We prepare for life after life by growing the smile in our heart. Yes, we prepare for eternity by receiving the fun, light, the presence of true life which bursts open the smile in our heart. Getting older, leaving this world, is a process for all of us. But with the smile in our heart it doesn't have to be such a roller coaster. We let go and we also become more as we embrace life smiling. The little moments, simple joys are fuel for life and life after life. As we let go of some of the activity of normal life, we are finding another pace including the deliciousness of the moment. Moments with one another, nature, everywhere we see, hear, touch, feel the heart of life are moments which open and strengthen the smile in our heart. Letting go can be a process of finding the treasure which previously we hurried by. Don't feel sorry for doing less when now we are becoming much more. In the time with less to do, we can be so much more. The intimacy of this moment is waiting to be opened. The smile in our heart is calling. And we are listening.

The smile we all know in our heart cannot be fooled, artificially created, or be anything but what it is. It is the smile we have hearing the chatter of the swallows in early morning flight. It is watching children find play without toys or anything to do. It is an old friend being on line when we answer the phone. It is in the moments when we give an unexpected gift. The smile in our heart is felt in unlimited ways. But when we pay attention, we notice it is a smile of passion, beauty, peace. It is a smile of deep understanding. The smile in our heart has a connection to something connecting all of us to purpose and meaning. In fact there is no clearer path to the deepest place within then following the smile into the depths of our heart and receiving the silence, unending love, the power, and grace.

We cannot take our possessions, hobbies, likes, and attachments with us into eternity. In truth we leave everything but the smile in our heart as our journey continues. The smile in our heart carries our awareness in the realm of now and the future. This is the smile's secret. It holds eternity already in its tender lips. No need to argue or try to prove future realms are real or just wishful thinking. In the smile in our heart we are already home. And this home is not dependent upon anything but our awareness and perhaps our gratitude. We surrender trying to control and discover the smile of our heart managing the ship of our life perfectly. The way from fear to love is in the short trip from mind to heart. The smile in our heart makes it this easy. We are learning easy.

Life is more meditation. The heart is receiving. As we know the smile in our heart, we know ourselves. Life is clear. The questions have answers. The smile in our heart tells us our day does not have to be complicated. Life is not about or for drama. The true story is something much more then building up egos of self importance and having ever more comfort. Entanglements and knots which seemed to have no solution, unravel in the healing presence of the smile of the heart. Bad memories, unforgiven events fall away. They are not so important as the smile in our heart splashes love everywhere. All the effort and work which drove us to so much worry and concern are now looked upon as energy spent, perhaps wasted. But the past is past and the future is in the arms of the present, the arms of the smile deep inside of us. This smile is now our intention. Do we dare to make our life about this joy? Do we dare to say yes or no, to say the truth which needs to be said in order to live for, in, and with the smile in our heart?

The knowledge of what to do, where to go, who to be with are all contained in our inner smile. More important the smile in our heart is our reservoir of patience, intuition, quiet, and harmony. Everything good is revealed. Eternity is present in these moments. This love contains an understanding that is much greater then the concentration and struggle of our mental reaching. The smile in our hearts is another body to breathe in, another universe to explore. It is the world greater then thought and feeling. There is so much ordinary and other worldly magic . The smile in our heart is giving always, moving us to trust something much much greater. Our inner smile is our source of certainty. In this smile we know love, God, and find forgiveness for all nonbelievers. We know when we are not smiling in our heart, we too are nonbelievers.

The smile in our heart is the doorway, living room, dining table, bedroom, the front porch and back yard to the heart inside our heart. Yes there is a heart inside our heart. This heart is a great plain, a forever place inside each of us. In meditation, underneath busy thought is the voyage to our golden essence. It has been called our interior castle, magical garden, our God self. The Heavenly stories told by many in many traditions have their beginning in the smile in the heart. The stories that have been read again and again to the child within us are each inspired and lived in the heart inside our heart. We each know these stories are more then stories. They are hope, dreams, and destiny reminding us of hearts which conquer everything of stone.

If only our schools and churches taught the tools to know and fully be the smile in our hearts. The tools of compassion, silence, meditation, kindness, humility, humor, and friendship are as important as algebra and biology. Imagine if we were taught the geography of the heart. Surely the smile in our heart would be front and center. There is only so much all the calculations we make can do. There is only so many facts and convenience we need to possess. We can enjoy our own solitude, dignity, play, and tenderness.

In truth, the smile in our heart does not need a reason to smile. Life's natural smile shows itself in infants, on wedding days, and yes at death's door. The smile in our heart is the doorway to true spirituality. It is our sanctuary, refuge, guide, perfect shelter. It is our way to the temple altar. We offer everything we find within and discover how much is being offered. When our awareness is not distracted, when our thoughts are not so far away, the smile in our heart takes us fully into Her arms and embraces us. Whether we are twenty two or ninety two it is never too early or too late to be preparing for our life after life. The smile in our heart no matter how locked or hidden away is right here. We can open the ancient chest, see and wonder. What are we waiting for? There is a light in the smile in the heart. As we follow this light deeper into the heart inside our heart it gets brighter and brighter until it is absolutely brilliant. This lightness of being is our natural awareness when we are not so busy, not holding this world so tightly. Preparing for life after life is living life for life's sake. Every habit of seriousness is changing into perfect joy.

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