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We all need

that 'special person'

in our lives ...

The one

who inspires us


express ourselves freely

without judgment

without restrictions ...

The one

who reignites

our inner light

so that we may


ever more clearly ...

The one

who provides

a 'safe zone' in this life


honest and open discussion

is not only allowed

but also

encouraged ...

The one

who guides us

through this life

with much kindness

wisdom and generosity

creating more

'Love' instead of 'Fear'

'Joy' instead of 'Sorrow'

'Flow' instead of 'Obstruction' ...

The one

who shows us

the way to live



meaningful &

authentic life

just by simply

'Being' ...

The one

who through

such qualities and skills

brings out

the best

of 'Us' ...

May we all be

so lucky as to find

such person in our lives

and may they live


healthy and

happpppppy lives

endlessly adding


'Truth and Beauty'

to this world


we all





HOME 🌹🍃💫!


Soe Moe Lwin

6:07 am


I dedicate this poem to my personal mentor Sayadaw U Jotika

(author of the international bestseller SNOW IN THE SUMMER)

on his 70th birthday today ...

May Sayadaw be Happy

May Sayadaw be Healthy

May Sayadaw be Peaceful always 🍃🍃🍃...

May he continue to guide us throughout our lives with his immense knowledge, wisdom and ‘Presence’ 🌹🍃💫 !

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