Vistas: Hispanic Cultural Traits To Preserve For Future Generations

In this week's Vistas, we join in the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month by asking prominent Latino thinkers and doers for their perspective on a common theme:

As U.S Hispanics, we hold firmly to a sense of common roots with all Latinos across the world, even as we celebrate the diversity of, and breadth across, our shared heritage.

In recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month 2011, we ask:

Which is the one Latino cultural trait you most want to see preserved and handed down to future generations?

Recognizing that Latinos are not a homogeneous group, and yet share a broad range of experiences and legacies, Vistas simply aims to help illustrate different points of view, which in aggregate can present a truer reflection of what the larger community feels and thinks.

In the slideshow we present their responses to this week's theme and invite you share your punto de vista and comments below.