President Biden And Family Celebrate Thanksgiving With Polar Bear Plunge

The president's family enjoyed the holiday in Nantucket, Massachusetts, where temperatures dipped to 45 degrees.

It looks like President Joe Biden had one cool Thanksgiving.

The 46th president of the United States and his family gathered on Nantucket, off Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where they celebrated the holiday with the “annual Biden fam polar bear plunge.”

His granddaughter Naomi Biden posted a beach photo from their swim on X (formerly Twitter), showing the president and some of his younger kin wrapped in towels after taking a dip in the brisk Atlantic Ocean.

Biden, who celebrated his 81st birthday on Monday, seemed to be in high spirits, even as temperatures on the remote island dipped to 45 degrees.

The Biden family has spent Thanksgiving on the island since 1975, when Joe and Jill Biden had their first holiday together as a family.

Earlier in the day, Biden and the first lady sent Americans a message of unity during a call in to NBC’s Thanksgiving Day Parade coverage in New York City.

“On this Thanksgiving, we have to come together,” the president told NBC’s Al Roker. “We can have different political views, but we have one view. The one view is that we’re the finest, greatest nation in the world. We should focus on that.”

“We should focus on dealing with our problems and being together and stop the rancor,” he added. “We have to bring the nation together and treat each other with a little bit of decency, and I think that’s where the vast majority of the American people are.”

President Donald Trump, Biden’s likely opponent in the 2024 presidential election, struck a different tone in a Thanksgiving message on Truth Social.

“Our country is in serious trouble,” he wrote. “We don’t have victories anymore.”

With the 2024 election less than a year away, Trump appears to be polling slightly ahead of Biden. Last weekend, an NBC poll found Trump leading with 46% of registered voters to Biden’s 44%.

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