President Camacho From 'Idiocracy' Takes Over Funny Or Die With Election Advice (VIDEO)

Warning, the video above is NSFW for language and violence.

President Camacho is back, just in time to save the presidential election.

Camacho, who was a highlight of the 2005 Mike Judge comedy "Idiocracy" and whose full name is Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho, has taken over Funny Or Die today to give some advice to President Obama and Mitt Romney in the week leading up to the election.

Terry Crews in character as Camacho held a press conference with reporters this morning, and explained that he had been with the Grand Poobah of Europe in the future, and busted the space-time continuum, sending him back to 2012.

"It was some Einstein shit," Camacho explained.

A series of videos featuring Camacho addressing the United States are up on Funny or Die, with his solutions to the problems that are truly plaguing the country. Much in the vein of "Idiocracy," which lampooned the so-called dumbing down of the American public who would elect a corporate-sponsored muscleman as President, the videos give viewers a chance to sign up for Camacho's American vision that includes solutions on the Middle East, the economy, jobs and more.

Most of these solutions include violence and generally being more badass.

"We need more violence on TV!" Camacho explains. "What's with all this wimpy shit y'all watching? It's horrible! Dexter? Shiiiit. We put that little bitch on the Disney Channel."

When asked who would prevail as the victor in the 2012 election, based on his knowledge from the future, Camacho was silent, as to not tamper with anything that could prevent him from being elected.

Specifically, Camacho told reporters that he "ain't tellin' [us] shit."

When reporters ran out of questions, Camacho abruptly ended the call, informing the pool that he was "'bout to go to CNN on [our] ass."

Click over to Funny or Die to get more videos of President Camacho fixing America's problems.



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