President-Elect's Foreign Policy Fails For Dummies


Americans had no sooner gained back their lost minds over the conversation President-Elect Donald Trump had with Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on the last day of November 2016 than it was time to lose their minds once more ― over his conversation with the President of Taiwan this time.

I’m essentially melting with all the bromance and goodwill here.

Also, if you’re into anything silly like fact-checking, you can read the actual press release on Pakistan phone-call here and DJT’s own tweet on Taiwan here, and cry.

In case the rock you live under was too heavy to lift and you have absolutely no idea why PEOTUS’s said actions matter so much as to have the entire country/media/planet in an uproar, here’s a little something: President-elect Donald J. Trump has succeeded in unnerving two key players of the U.S. foreign affairs in less than 48 hours ― China and India.

Yay for you if you voted him in. And if you voted him in you’re probably thinking what the big deal is.

If that Obama there can deal with communist Cuba then why can’t Trump talk to democratic Taiwan? So what if that pisses off China? They’re communist and evil anyway so they better be pissed off and scared now that Trump will be in power.

Problem is that a scared and pissed off China is not good for the U.S. Problem is that Cuba was never a threat to America and when it was, we took care of it. We told it to sit in a corner and made a prison on a piece of their land and now the only thing the world knows about Cuba is its cigars and Fidel Castro. And even he’s dead so that’s more like two Cuban things take away one thing leaving only one thing ― the cigars.

That’s not how it works with China.

China is a super power. China can veto stuff in the UNO and everyone has to listen to that. China has those bigly nukes and an army and the navy and jets and nobody, not even Americans, can enter its airspace, waterspace, certainly not landspace. China has the power to rally half the universe behind itself and the universe will listen and do that. China believes in One-China policy that regards Taiwan as a renegade province and we have always agreed to that…at least since 1979.

And that’s not all.

China is the one we owe $1.157 trillion to (as of September 30, 2016). This is more than what China owes to us. That means China is one of our biggest banks. That means if China decided to call on its debt, the value of dollar will fall like a rock and there will be inflation meaning prices will go up and businesses and factories at home will close and jobs will vanish and Wal-Mart will not be able to give any rollbacks anymore and Hobby Lobby will have more to worry about than contraceptives insurance for its employees.

Now, China will not call back all its debt at once since it will hurt the Chinese economy along with everyone else’s but must we be total idiots and drive them to that point or any point closer to that so it only hurts us and not them when we can really be smart and work things out in time?

President-elect’s direct contact with Taiwan has thrown all tact to the dogs and if it really was such a small thing, Beijing wouldn’t have called up Washington for a renewal of vows made some 40 years ago. So yeah, YUGE mistake there.

As for why the drama over Pakistan…I mean please, where is this country anyway and who cares?!

India, your new BFF, cares. India cares a lot. And so does Pakistan. And so do Russia and Iran and Afghanistan and China for that matter. And it’s not just that India cares or Pakistan cares and why should you care for what they care simply because India is a nuclear power and so is Pakistan and that the two are arch enemies since Pakistan’s inception in 1947 and that the US has used both countries to achieve its various goals in the South Asian subcontinent, for instance, every recent Afghan war ever fought there whether with the Soviets or on Terror and that any imbalance in how the US balances its relationships with these two might result in a regional conflict that may or may not escalate to a nuclear strike sending the universe off to hell… This is about the basic fact that you do NOT make a foreign policy shift overnight!

Normal people take more time in changing their favorite toilet paper brand compared to the time President-Elect Trump seems to be taking in breaking away from decades old foreign policies and stances of the country!

If you were wondering how wars start, THIS is it. And no, your stockpile of bazookas and snipers and automatics will not obliterate China. Or anyone. Be reasonable.

The President-Elect can no longer behave like he’s a reality T.V. star. This isn’t for show anymore. This is real. And while Eric Trump can sit on a plane chatting with an American Muslim comedian about how whatever bad things ‘we’ said on the campaign trail, ‘we’ will never do those because ‘we’ are [insert words/emotions of your choice] and that they were just words and part of the game, World Leaders and Actual Countries will not be charmed or won over by the same argument.

First it was just the Trump campaign and camp defending his reckless words. Now, it’s the White House.

This needs to stop before the US loses all integrity on the global front and none of our allies trust us and all of our enemies are emboldened simply because nobody knows what the American official position is on any issue - including the Americans.

God bless Sanity!