President Might Be a "F-ing Moron," But We Don't Have to Be

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By now you have probably heard that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had a press conference to basically reassure his boss of something that is counter to what we all know is readily obvious.  NBC News reported that Tillerson called Donald Trump…a moron.  Per MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle, one source states he actually called him a “f-ing moron.”  Let that sink in for a minute; a member of the president’s Cabinet hastily called a press conference, not to talk about the possible threat of North Korea, not to address the potential erosion of the Iran nuclear deal. Nope, he wanted to get to the podium, in front of the press, to lie about what some would agree is one of the most truthful things anyone in that White House has said about Donald Trump.

So much has been revealed about the volatility and instability of this administration.  They have been plagued with scandal even before they set foot in the White House.  The active Trump-Russia investigation continues to intensify.  On top of that, there’s already a pretty long list of people who have already left or been fired.  There have been countless embarrassments, missteps, and the inability to prepare for the job neither before nor after getting the keys to the Oval Office.  You have the Republican Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Sen. Bob Corker, stating that when it comes to Trump, people like Sec. Tillerson in the White House, “separate our country from chaos.”  The Trump presidency has shown us what’s at stake and he has had ample opportunities to display empathy, humility, and show that he’s the man for the job, yet time and time again…he clearly is not.

So casting aside our mourning, or celebrating last year’s election, whichever category you fall into, objectively speaking, the aftermath hasn’t been the best of who we are.  We again have an opportunity to redeem ourselves, and prove that we, the people of America, are not morons too.

Let’s not be morons about gun control. We must do better.  The Las Vegas shooting has been beyond horrific.  Why does a person need that much ammunition or that type of firepower?  It shouldn’t require massive research at this point, but why can’t we independently fund studies on the impact of gun violence?  Legislation has been passed preventing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) from doing such research, but why can’t we look to independent researchers or think tanks?  Fine, if they legislated against government funding for such violence prevention research as it pertains to firearms, why don’t we just raise money and crowdfund through Kickstarter or GoFundMe?  Should 3% of adults owning half of America’s guns put the majority of American’s at risk in this way? According to the same survey, it is estimated that 78% of Americans don’t even own a gun.  As evidenced by the Las Vegas shooter’s background, Trump’s border wall won’t do anything about radical domestic terrorism, and we would be morons to ignore legitimate gun control policy to prevent thisOther countries have done this, and I have to believe that we can too!

Let’s not be morons about racism. We must join forces to combat police brutality, and at least acknowledge that while you may find kneeling during the national anthem offensive, it is done to highlight racial disparities and inequality.  You might argue the effectiveness of its messaging, but you can’t ignore Colin Kaepernick’s very real reasons for defying these very deadly and detrimental outcomes.  We must not let the tiki torches and tragic events of Charlottesville dissolve into history without acting to prevent it from happening again.  We can engage each other in respectful ways to overcome our nation’s racist roots, and we can also be nuanced enough to know that talking about racism will never be more divisive than actual racism!  There is a complex system of factors here, but we must continue to confront institutional racism with every opportunity, and be smart enough to not be divisively baited by Trump.

Let’s not be morons about healthcare reform. “Repeal and replace” will likely rear it’s head again, but please stay vigilant to find common ground to reform the Affordable Care Act, instead of gutting it and putting people at risk.  Can we let repeal and replace go?  How about we continue to protect healthcare for millions who risk losing coverage at the hands of Congress? How about reaffirming recently set-to-expire funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and stop undermining upcoming open enrollment for the ACA?  Continue to call your Representatives and Senators.

Let’s not be morons about Trump’s tweets. His tweets have sadly become nothing more than a series of desperate tantrums, attempting to distract from and rewrite the truth.  You don’t have to dig that far in his timeline to find a tweet from the past contradicting his hypocritical present.  Once we stop consuming them as novel headlines, one can only hope he will do it less and less.  In the least, it keeps us from draining the limited bandwidth of our collective attention span that should be focused on other issues, like those mentioned above.  We need to engage and inform our fellow Americans, and the news media has a huge opportunity to do that now more than ever.

Let’s not be morons about the strength of our vote. Let’s not be morons by ignoring the change that many felt they wanted when they voted for Trump, but instead take steps to bring about actual positive change for all. Conversely, I would beg those who voted for Trump to be more careful in the future about how you wield your civic duty, and honor how those potential consequences may affect others.  Get out and vote, support legislation that helps all Americans, and defy policies that aim to divide us.

As his Cabinet continues to unravel like one of those bad housewives reality shows, or a sad unfunny version of Mean Girls with Trump at its center, perhaps Sec. Tillerson should watch out, because on Fridays this White House tends to fire people.  Former First Lady, Michelle Obama, has said, “The Presidency doesn’t change who you are, it reveals who you are.”  America, hasn’t Trump shown us enough?  Let’s not be morons about this, and the danger his ineptitude presents.

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