President Mistakes 'Jeffersons' For Sanford & Sons'

Crime of the Century? Don't Take Obama to trivia night.

Maybe he really was born in Kenya. 

While touring New Orleans yesterday, President Obama met a woman named "Wheezy," and remarked that it was just like in the 70s sitcom, "Sanford and Son."

“Weezie? Really, like … Weezy?” Obama asked, according to the Chicago Sun Times. “Like in ‘Sanford and Son?'"

However, the crowd was quick to correct him, according to CNN.

That character, portrayed by Isabel Sanford, was part of the CBS classic, "The Jeffersons." It's the saga of George and Louise "Wheezy" Jefferson, who climbed the socio-economic ladder to a deluxe apartment in a fancy Manhattan apartment. 

"Sanford and Son," starring the great Redd Foxx, was about a junkman. 

Obama was touring Treme, a predominantly black neighborhood devastated 10 years ago by Hurricane Katrina.

 The president laughed off the mistake, singing a few bars of the show's theme song, "Movin' on Up." 

We're not saying the president isn't a real American, but if he grew up in this country in the late 1970s, he should have known the difference. Not all black TV comedies are alike. Only their laughtracks are.