President Obama: Actions From Words And Change From Hope

People do not follow and adhere to someone out of free will just because they have a title — they listen and commit to serve those voices of reason — decency — and the ability to capture the narrative of many into a voice unified for the common good.

Climate Change At Nation’s Capitol

Listening to those covering the events — observing the mood and tone of Washington, D.C. this week — it seems more somber as opposed to celebratory. Perhaps that is indicative of the environment in which the outgoing President’s approval ratings are ranked as some of the highest, while the incoming President garnering some of the lowest.

While President Obama’s inauguration saw seasonably cold weather as he was sworn in as President in 2009 and again for his second term in 2013 — the incoming President’s forecast calls for unseasonably warm weather with rain.

President Obama, while not supported by all, has been reliable in his ability to speak to an entire nation — and much like the weather at his swearing-in ceremonies this offered a sense of stability that the country was operating how it should where governing (policy bickering aside) was done with a sense of steadiness, maturity and poise.

President-elect Donald J. Trump, much like the forecast for his swearing-in, has had a transition period that seems a bit unnatural. It gives the appearance to the public that it lacks the stability in some basic fundamental elements that most Americans subscribe to with an incoming President, regardless of who they supported, that the President-elect maintain serious focus and demeanor — while offering a unified voice in a time of transition.

Reservoir Of Goodness

In his farewell address, President Obama spoke to the Nation whereby within his words lay a foundation that certainly speaks to everyone who believes in America and what it stands for and calls for — involvement.

This past years election put our differences under a spotlight and amplified rancor, frustrations and created an environment of angst among so many in both the most liberal and conservative of communities. What got blindsided so often was the principles and ideas that bind and unite us as Americans.

Many President’s have occupied the White House — many have sought to unify a divided nation — sometimes having successes and other times not. What can be learned on all sides of the many aisles is that our divisive issues — fears — and perceptions that divide us cannot rely on any one political leader or party to solve. History has often shown that the only sustainable coming together of people is when they work together for that more perfect union — whereby values, ethics, cooperation and respect are passed from the people — to those in positions of power.

Whether you are a Democrat, Republican or Independent of those two parties — the President’s comments from his farewell speech can be useful for those willing to work together — even if their views sometimes seem miles apart — when he said,

“Presuming a reservoir of goodness in other people, that can be a risk, and there will be times when the process will disappoint you. But for those of us fortunate enough to have been a part of this work, and to see it up close, let me tell you, it can energize and inspire. And more often than not, your faith in America — and in Americans — will be confirmed.”

So Many Farewell Tributes — HERE IS ONE MORE

Tributes dominated social media and the networks in the days leading up to President Barack Obama's last moments in office. Many of them did well in capturing the highs and lows of the past eight years — undoubtedly perceived differently depending on what side of the aisle one sits and views them.

As this President marks his final moments in office, I offer one more tribute to President Barack Obama from both a supporter and someone who took your message and actions of hope and change to heart during your time in office,

It can be said that no other President in my lifetime has served in the Oval Office with such style, grace, humility and compassion. Regardless of political affiliations, whether one agrees with every policy, law or remark Obama has been a President for ALL the people - even those that weren't for him. When I see the words We the People the imagery that comes to my mind is the 44th President and his administration. Eight years of integrity — most importantly two terms I was able to admire a President not just as a leader — but as a role model for my children. President Obama, all partisan divide aside, has conducted himself as the gold standard as to how a President of the United States of America should carry and conduct themselves as leader of the free world. This country will miss this President, as will I. While he may no longer be in office he will be around for the benefit of us all in the days ahead. God speed Mr. President, job well done!” —STEPHEN L. KRASNER


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