President Obama and the Bucking Broncos

Photos copyright 2016

It's a welcome respite from Trump headlines. A gleeful President welcoming the Denver Broncos to the White House. The Denver Broncos, including Peyton Manning who was ideally positioned just behind Obama and thus appeared in most photographs, spent a day there with many team members meeting Wounded Warrior Vets.

Linebacker Von Miller couldn't wait to start posing for selfies and photos with the admiring jocular press. There is no doubt Miller's Christian Louboutin sneakers were enjoying being proudly displayed on his feet.

Von made a point of thanking me for having asked where his shoes were from. The sneakers were hard not to notice at the end of his tall, lanky, fit-as-a-fiddle six-foot-three-inch frame.

This is probably the lightest correspondence from me, from the White House, this and the time Star Wars Troopers and R2D2 came to visit... but seriously, I have been away for three to four weeks and not much has changed.

Congress still hasn't confirmed Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court, Congress is still underfunding Zika by several million according to the White House and CDC, and the Press Secretary is still lamenting Congress's complete failure to act in many areas.

Trump still continues to attempts to steal the headlines with some of the most inane comments ever.

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Photos copyright 2016