President Obama's Body Image Comments Will Melt Your Heart


File this under: Love, love and more love.

President Barack Obama sat down with ballerina Misty Copeland for an eye-opening conversation with Time. Both pioneers in their respective fields, the pair chatted about obstacles they have overcome, issues of race and their legacies.

After pointing out the sheer absurdity that Copeland's body is considered "athletic" or "large" in the ballet world ("You're tiny!" he said), the president was asked if he notices that same body image pressure with his two daughters, Malia, 17 and Sasha, 14.

The proud father, who reportedly got choked up talking about his children at last week's state dinner, explained it's his wife Michelle -- and his relationship with her -- that promotes a healthy body image for the two young women.

“The fact that my daughters have got a tall gorgeous mom who has some curves, and that their father appreciates, I think is helpful," he said. "I do think that culture’s changing for the younger generation a little bit more… But it’s still a challenge.”

Sigh. Never change, you two.


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Seriously. Never.

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