President Obama: Chicago Aldermen Come Knocking

After the appropriate nod to the history made by Barack Obama's presidential election, Chicago aldermen quickly got to the bottom-line, City Hall style: What's in it for us?

Asked what she expected an Obama presidency to mean to her West Side ward, Ald. Emma Mitts (37th) replied, "One word: money. You're supposed to take care of home first, aren't you?"

Mitts said the city needs infrastructure dollars to "bring us up to modern times."

Many aldermen gathered for Wednesday's City Council meeting were happy to talk about their wish lists for the hometown president-elect.

"Obviously, the fact that you have in the White House a person who calls Chicago his home can't hurt," said Ald. Joe Moore (49th). "He understands the needs of the city. He knows all the key players in the city. His closest advisers, many are from the city. Clearly, Chicago is going to benefit from a very practical point of view.

"The mayor and the other members of the City Council will have the president's ear. I think that absolutely has to accrue to the city's benefit."