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President Obama: My Daughters Need Space To Make Teenage Mistakes (VIDEO)

It may have been Barack and Michelle's 19th wedding anniversary yesterday, but President Obama made time to wing by ABC for an interview with George Stephanopoulos.

The two chatted about some less-than-thrilling political topics... then they got to the fun stuff, like FLOTUS and DOTUS (a.k.a. Sasha and Malia)!

Stephanopoulos asked the President how he protects his daughters and ensures that they enjoy a "normal" upbringing. Said Obama:

The thing I do worry about is trying to figure out that balance of making sure they've got space to make mistakes, be teenagers, etc. But obviously, they're not... typical, in some ways. So they're still having sleepovers. And they're still going to the mall. And they're still going to movies. But they've got this guy with a gun following them around! And so just trying to make sure that that space is maintained. We've been able to do it so far. Our secret service detail is terrific about it. But it's a balance that has to be struck.

Mistakes are allowed -- nay, encouraged? That's a progressive stance for the Dad-in-Chief, who previously joked that he would invite all of Malia and Sasha's potential suitors up to the White House and grill them about their GPAs.

Dads -- so embarrassing.

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