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President Obama Knows Better Than To Complain About FLOTUS' Outfits

Not that there's anything *to* criticize.
The President has no complaints about FLOTUS's style. 
The President has no complaints about FLOTUS's style. 

Any husband worth his salt knows to avoid criticizing his spouse’s outfits. That’s a rule President Obama has clearly taken to heart.

Back at 2012 fundraiser dinner, Bravo’s Andy Cohen put POTUS on the spot, asking the President to reveal his least favorite outfit owned by the First Lady. (So brazen, Andy.)

Here’s how Cohen summed up the moment in a throwback Instagram photo posted earlier this week:

“Putting @barackobama in the #PleadtheFifth hot seat at a fundraiser at @sarahjessicaparker’s house was certainly one of the most unforgettable moments I’ve had,” Cohen wrote. “He plead the fifth when I asked what item of clothing from his wife’s closet he would most like to burn. Smart man.”

Very smart man. Not that he’d have any reason to complain ― Michelle Obama has style in spades ― and it clearly hasn’t gone unnoticed by the President. Here’s just a few times he’s admired FLOTUS’ look:

Thumbs up to this killer&nbsp;<a href="">Brandon Maxwell gown</a>&nbsp;FLOTUS wore to a State Dinner&nbsp;in August 2016.
Thumbs up to this killer Brandon Maxwell gown FLOTUS wore to a State Dinner in August 2016.
Bowing down to the First Lady&nbsp;and the <a href="">Jason Wu gown</a> she wore to the 2013 Inaugural Ball.
Bowing down to the First Lady and the Jason Wu gown she wore to the 2013 Inaugural Ball.

And if this isn’t the look of love and total admiration, we don’t know what is: