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President Obama's Hawaii Vacation Wardrobe Leaves Much To Be Desired (PHOTOS)

Pleated pants are a no-no, Mr. President.

President Obama can wear a power suit with the best of them, but he often runs into trouble in his off-duty wear. We were painfully reminded of this when we glimpsed a pic of POTUS on his annual Christmas vacation in Hawaii, where he had been sunning with Michelle, Sasha and Malia since Saturday. (Word has it that he jetted home today to deal with the fiscal cliff.)

On Christmas Day, the president and first lady paid a visit to military families at Marine Corps Base Hawaii and joined them for their holiday dinner. Michelle greeted the crowd in one of her chicest go-to summer outfits, a black and white Narciso Rodriquez bubble dress, with her new ubiquitous headband. But President Obama, bless his heart, was basically a mess: baggy pleated khaki pants and a billowing turquoise button-down shirt... with short sleeves. Oh, and it was tucked in. With a belt.

We can tolerate a bright hue (Michelle Obama has certainly worn her fair share), but with men's clothes, fit is key. Obama's shirt is too big around the waist, the shoulders and the sleeves. The pants are too roomy at the top, too long at the bottom and wrinkled to boot.

Listen, we've griped about his dad jeans, which even he admitted weren't the best. ("I'm a little frumpy" were his exact words.) But we've gone a while since seeing the baggy denim -- we thought we were out of the woods.

Apparently not. Good thing POTUS is headed home today and back into the comforting wool of his power suits. We can all breathe easy now.


president obama hawaii vacation

president obama hawaii vacation

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