Watch Barack Obama's Last Minutes In The White House As President

Obama out.

Friday was a bittersweet day for America as the 44th president left the Oval Office for the last time. On his way out, reporters asked if he had any departing words for the American people.

“Thank you,” he replied.

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama then joined Donald and Melania Trump for tea at the White House ahead of Trump’s presidential inauguration ceremony.

Obama’s expression of gratitude was far more subdued than his farewell address, delivered last week in Chicago. In that speech, he implored citizens to accept “the responsibility of citizenship, regardless of which way the pendulum of power happens to be swinging.”

Hundreds of supporters gathered in Washington, D.C. on Thursday to pay tribute to the outgoing commander in chief at an event aptly titled “Thanks Obama.” Fans have also used social media to honor the president and his legacy, including his landmark health care legislation and his support of same-sex marriage.



President Barack Obama's Final Farewell