President Obama Mispronounces 'Hollande,' French Leader's Last Name (VIDEO)

Good try, but no. That's not how you say the French president's name.

President Barack Obama stumbled a bit during a press conference Monday when he attempted to pronounce Francois Hollande's name -- the French way. In a video of his speech in Tanzania, Obama mispronounces "Hollande" by saying "oo-lawn."

"If I want to know what President Hollande is thinking on a particular issue, I'll call President Hollande," Obama says in the clip.

For non-French speakers, Hollande is correctly pronounced "o-lond."

Still, we have to hand it to Obama. For the most part, he usually utters hard-to-articulate names smoothly, with the exception of a few incidents (most recently the name of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad).

Though Obama attempted to say the French pronunciation of "Hollande" with an American accent, at least he didn't fall for the tired hard "h" enunciation of the French president's name.

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