President Obama On 'The View': Flustered By Mel Gibson & Snooki Questions (VIDEO)

President Obama revealed the limitations of his pop culture knowledge when he appeared on 'The View' Thursday.

Joy Behar asked the president whether Mel Gibson needs anger management, and he stammered through a non-answer.

"I haven't seen a Mel Gibson movie in a while," he said.

"But the tapes!" Joy exclaimed.

"I haven't seen them," Obama replied, seemingly unaware the obscene tapes are audio recordings.

When asked whether Snooki should run as the mayor of Wasilla, the president laughed heartily then claimed not to know who Snooki is. The 'Jersey Shore' star once made the dubious assertion that she no longer uses tanning beds "because Obama put a 10 percent tax on them." John McCain, a skin cancer survivor, tweeted at Snooki that he would never tax her tanning bed.

Obama tried to redeem himself with knowledge of Lindsay Lohan's jail stint.

"I knew Lindsay was in jail," he said. How did he know? "I don't know."