President Obama Should Pardon John Edwards

President Obama should use his constitutional power to Pardon former Senator John Edwards. There, I said it!

I can think of no case more deserving of executive mercy than this one.

A pardon would cause prosecutors to drop the criminal campaign finance case against former Senator, Vice Presidential and Presidential candidate, John Edwards. Clearly, Senator Edwards has suffered enough in his life having lost his son, wife and reputation. Now that he is facing a life-threatening heart condition, this father of four children should not have to endure the stress of a trial for an alleged crime never before prosecuted. His three young children do not deserve to be orphaned by jail or an early grave.

Americans can argue the merits of the novel prosecution or Edwards' loathsome behavior and betrayal. However, the last time I checked, hiding a mistress from your beloved wife is not a death penalty offense.

In the age of Citizens United, there is no political cost associated with granting a sick father of four a new lease on life.