President Obama Sings 'Born This Way' By Lady Gaga In Mashup (VIDEO)

Keep the Tea Party; President Obama is going after the Little Monsters.

Well, with a little help from the internet, anyway.

YouTube user barackdubs uploaded an expertly made mashup that takes dance tracks and clips of various Obama speeches to create a sing-song delivery of Lady Gaga's hit "Born This Way." Starting with an address the President made to the Human Rights Campaign, the video features autotunes and slices its way to a quick verse of auditory delight.

Sure, Obama didn't actually sing the song, but he has met the Mother Monster before; she attended a fundraiser for the President in September and she spoke at the White House about bullying. Perhaps they worked on their vocals together, too?

In any case, one Obama really is rubbing elbows with Hollywood; First Lady Michelle Obama stars in a special episode of "iCarly" this Saturday.


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