President Obama's Gifts From Foreign Officials: What Queen Elizabeth II, The Pope Gave In 2009

Officials have just released a list of all gifts that federal employees received from international politicians and other diplomats in 2009. Not surprisingly, President Obama tops the list of recipients, followed closely by First Lady Michelle Obama. Next to each gift is an estimated value.

As the BBC is reporting, the gifts range from extravagant (a "large desert scene on a green veined marble base featuring miniature figurines of gold palm trees and camels; large gold medallion with the Royal seal in a green leather display box; large brass and glass clock by Jaeger-LeCoultre in a green leather display case" from Saudi Arabia's Abdullah bin Abd al-Aziz Al Saud was collectively worth a cool $34,500.00) to the more economical (at a mere $400, an antique brass samovar, or tea kettle-like container, from Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin seems thrifty).

See the full list here.

Check out some gifts, and see how much foreign diplomats spent, here:

Gifts To Obama