President Sarkozy Bans Cheese After Dinner

There's something fascinating about the dietary habits of world leaders--especially in an election year. French President Nicholas Sarkozy is no exception.

First reported by Agence France-Presse, the latest revelation to emerge from the presidential kitchen is that the French leader has banned cheese from the menu at the Elysee Palace.

Since his marriage to wife Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, Sarko reportedly adheres to a rigorous exercise plan and strict diet that prohibits chocolate, cheese and desserts.

The president's personal chef, Bernard Vaussion explained to AFP Sarkozy opts for more healthy options such as "light, balanced meals and poultry to red meat".

But as the president gears up for the upcoming election set to take place in 3 weeks, he's foregone that fierce health regime, notes the Daily Telegraph.

From visiting a cheese factory last week to accepting chocolate and pastries, Sarkozy seems to have made some peace with French gastronomy.

This isn't the first time President Sarkozy's uncomfortable relationship with cheese made headlines. Just last October, in a conversation with fellow European leaders, the president reportedly poked fun at German Chancellor Angela Merkel for taking a second helping to cheese after claiming she was on a diet.