President Trump Wished Happy Birthday To Emin Agalarov, The Russian Singer Who Set Up Don Jr's Russia Meeting

In 2013, Donald Trump held his Miss Universe pageant in Moscow. The event was held at an arena owned by Aris Agalarov, a billionaire Russian oligarch, said to have the ear of President Putin.

In addition to money, the oligarch also has a son, Emin. Emin is a Russian pop-star. As part of the deal to bring the pageant to Moscow, Agalarov the elder arranged for his son, Emin, to perform on the show.

Months later, then-candidate Trump sent Emin this birthday wish via YouTube.

Trump also appeared in the video for Emin’s latest song.

Cut to June 2016, when Emin asked his friend, Rob Goldstone to email their mutual friend, Donald Trump Jr and offer him incriminating details about Hillary Clinton, courtesy of the Russian Government.

That meeting was held June 9th, 2016.

You can see President Trump’s birthday message and music video appearance in the video below.

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