President Trump, You Need Help

Dear President Trump,

You will not be able to perform the requirements of your office without seeking professional help. Your recent comments on an admittedly dangerous situation in North Korea and on athletes protesting racial injustice show that your behavior pattern is to inflame already tense situations. You must change this behavior pattern.

How can you change your behavior pattern? I imagine many people are trying to advise you in the White House. Sometimes, you make the right decision, such as when you moderate your tone and focus on the serious responsibility of the office of the president. Yet sometimes, either because you resist help or because you seek counsel from unwise sources, you abandon restraint and make bad situations even worse.

This is a serious problem, and it stems from your behavior, and possibly the mental state leading to your behavior. There is a famous cartoon that shows a room of people erupting when asked, “Who wants change?” The crowd is then silent when the speaker asked them, “Who wants to change?” Change is the hardest thing in life, because we are addicted to fixed behavioral patterns that provide short-term, fleeting reward to our sense of ego, that are incapable of handling new situations.

Do you want to know a secret? Change is the most fundamental part of existence in the universe. If we seek to lock in certain behavioral patterns to resist this fundamental aspect of reality, we will surely be disappointed when we see it doesn’t work in all circumstances. I would suggest you learn how to be flexible when approaching your behavioral change; this will help you allow different thoughts and feelings into your experience without rejecting them, leading to more behavioral options.

It takes a strong person to admit that they need help. Still, the source of the change must come from you. Your behavioral patterns are erratic, frenetic and high in distressful emotions. Please, seek help from someone who can teach you how to moderate your behavioral choices and allow a wider range of inner experiences, which will produce better behavioral options. Right now, I imagine, you are stuck in a battle between a very restricted amount of inner experiences, which produce a limited range of behavioral options.

This is a most serious matter. Right now, you are failing as a leader and putting a lot of people in danger. I spoke to you before about finding an inner friend in yourself. This is all that matters right now. You must tune out the bad advice, seek better advice and become secure in yourself. Your mental health is a matter of national security.

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