What The Presidential Candidates Look Like With Beards, Because You Were Wondering

It's hard to look away.

It seems like many of this year's current and former presidential candidates are willing to say or do anything to get a vote.

What none of them have done thus far, however, is offer deserving Americans a glimpse of what they'd look like with a beard. If things like hand size and french fries are meant to influence the peoples' vote, so, too, should theoretical facial hair growth. (Style seems to matter for candidates, after all!)

Beards have been hot for a while now, and Americans deserve to know how their future president would look with some scruff. It's only fair. As such, Josh Steimle of the digital marketing group MWI mocked up some images that put a whole new face on a handful of the candidates.

If best beard was the only stipulation for becoming the leader of this great nation, whom would you elect? Let us know in the comments.

Jeb Bush
The beard that could have been -- and a beard only a mother could love. Or not.
Bernie Sanders
Looks like a natural. A natural at fried chicken.
Chris Christie
What's he hiding in there?
Hillary Clinton
Equality for all.
Marco Rubio
Cigar optional.
Donald Trump
Probably the nicest he's ever looked, since he's giving off Santa vibes.
Ted Cruz
Warm enough for the coldest of Canadian winters.
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