Women React To The First Presidential Debate

Before Barack Obama and Mitt Romney set foot on stage in Denver, Colorado, for the first presidential debate, the stakes were high. The focus was domestic policy, and both candidates faced pressure to deliver a debate win and answer big questions about taxes, job growth, the deficit, education and health care.

As it turned out, the debate did have one clear winner and loser, just not one anyone expected: Big Bird. On the downside, Romney said that he'd like to cut (funding for) everyone's favorite "Sesame Street" character. On the upside, Big Bird basically won the Internet. (See: @FiredBigBird.)

One subject the candidates didn't touch on in one of the wonkier debates in recent memory was women's reproductive rights, which have been a political battleground during this election cycle. While maternal health, reproductive rights, contraception and affordable health care have all been at the forefront of the political conversation in the past two years, and both Republicans and Democrats gave quite a bit of lip service to women's issues at their respective conventions (remember when Ann Romney yelled out "I love you women"?), neither candidate mentioned these topics at all over the course of the evening.

Female voters had lots to say about the things the candidates did discuss, though, and the way the debate played out in general. Here are some of their most insightful, most entertaining tweets from throughout the night. (They may well be more interesting than the actual debate.)

LOOK: Women React To The First Presidential Debate

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