Presidential Debate Hair Switch: Mitt Romney, Barack Obama Sport New 'Dos After Photoshop Magic (PHOTO)

LOOK: Presidential Debate Hair Switch

Few saw this coming.

No, we're not talking about Mitt Romney "winning" the first debate; we're talking about Romney and President Barack Obama switching hairstyles.

Shelby White, a visual designer from Portland, Ore., and founder of Designspiration, is the man behind the presidential debate hair switch. He swapped the politicians' hairstyles with some Photoshop magic and displayed the finished product in a split-screen shot from Wednesday's debate in Denver.

Romney sports Obama's close-cropped cut, while Obama dons Romney's fluffy coif.

What was the response to the Romney-Obama hair switch? "[It] makes the president resemble a sitcom dad from a really dated sitcom, while Romney looks kind of cool," MSN notes.

Some other style points were noted during the presidential debate, including Romney's huge American flag pin and the candidates' red and blue ties.

LOOK: Obama and Romney switch hairdos.
presidential debate hair switch romney obama

(H/T Gawker for the find.)

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