Presidential PDA: Past And Present (SLIDESHOW)

It might seem as though every day is Valentine's Day when your last name is Obama...especially when even the Associated Press is taking note, as they did in this article on Thursday:

Just in time for Valentine's Day, it's the season of the PDA in the White House _ and we're not talking about President Obama's prized BlackBerry. The first couple's constant Public Displays of Affection have many people across the country fascinated, charmed and even a little jealous of this 21st-century White House marriage.

...But to many, the Obama marriage represents a much more modern kind of White House romance: Two people who've both had important careers, who are trying to balance professional success with family stability, who are both playful with each other and mutually respectful, and who aren't afraid to display their affection and chemistry _ again and again.

But what about the First Couples that came before them? Did they get down? Here are the answers.

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