Presidential Yoga Poses: Anti-Aging Asana For McCain (SLIDESHOW)

Presidential Yoga Poses: Anti-Aging Asana For McCain (SLIDESHOW)


Letterhead can be Presidential, china can be Presidential and so too can yoga be Presidential. In fact, if we assembled the premiere candidates before us on yoga mats and offered them poses that would help them gain insight into what it takes to lead to the best of their ability as well as feel physically agile and mentally more acute, this is what we would prescribe. Check out some of the other candidates' assignments, like Getting Sarah Palin Fit For Office, Om-ing For Obama and Joe Biden's Willpower Workshop.

If there is one thing that science agrees yoga does (and by the way NIH is knee-deep investigating the many health improvements it makes) yoga is the best thing you can to stay young mentally and physically. Where once Veep Cheney was thought to be a ticking time bomb, the septegenarian Presidential candidate McCain, who doesn't use email, is the poster child for anti-aging workouts.

First and foremost, yoga poses swish around the stale fluid in the spine making it less brittle and more flexible. Because yoga poses are weight-bearing they also build bone density which diminishes as we have more birthdays. And maybe less known but infinitely important, yoga serves to balance out the endocrine system. Stop right there! That means your hormones that fluctuate as you age will be regulated just like you are young and spry. As women we'd like states to swing, not our moods, agreed? And anti-aging poses stop sagging. And that project -- looking and feeling youthful -- is something we are sure Cindy McCain would agree is worth at least some time and money. For if you are going to stay politically active into your seventies why not stay equally physically active?

This yoga sequence called "Yoga to the Rescue" by Amy Luwis is something that the good vet and wife Cindy can do together. Plus, we can all stand to trim a few years off of our life. At least that way we can vote in a few more elections.

1. Downward Facing Dog


This weight-bearing pose strengthens bone density, which can diminish as we age. It also increases the blood flow to the brain, bringing with it oxygen and nutrients, ensuring healthy functioning.

1. Place palms on floor in front of you.
2. Step legs back one at a time.
3. Feet should be in line with hands.
4. Spread fingers and press palms down.
5. Stretch arms forward, keep elbows straight.
6. Raise your butt up to sky and move thighs up and back.
7. Lower heels to the floor, feet point straight.
8. Relax your head and back of the neck.
Hold for 30 seconds- 1 minute.

Focus Points:
Keep legs firm and elbows straight as you lift your derriere to the sky!

Other Benefits:
Relieves depression. Increases flexibility of hips, knees and ankles. Calms the mind.

2. Staff Pose


As we get older, we may start to droop a bit. This pose is great for improving your posture, as well as strengthening your back and shoulders.

1. Sit on floor with feet stretched out in front.
2. Center yourself on the butt bones.
3. Pull flesh of bottom of thigh away from leg.
4. Put legs and feet together, press them down firmly into the floor.
5. Put hands facing forward by your hips.
6. Press hands down and lift waist off the hips.
7. Roll the shoulders back and open the chest.
8. Relax your neck and shoulders.
Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat 3 times.

Focus Points:
Engage every muscle in your legs and hips. Sit tall as if you were being pulled up by a string!

Other Benefits:
Stimulates reproductive system. Relieves a stressed tired back. Improves posture.

3. Corpse Pose


Deeply relaxes the entire body and soothes your sympathetic nervous system. The perfect pose to conclude any sequence.

1. Sit on the floor with your knees bent, feet on the floor. Lean back on your forearms.
2. Slowly extend the right leg, then the left, pushing through the heels.
3. Release both legs, let feet drop to the side.
4. Lie back with your head resting on the back center of the skull.
5. Release the arms to the sides.
6. Turn the arms outward. Rest the backs of the hands on the floor.
7. Let the eyes sink to the back of the head.
Hold for 5- 10 minutes.

Focus Points:
Breathe slowly and deeply, let a sense of calm relaxation envelope your whole body. Concentrate on loosening tensions.

Other Benefits:
Brings deep relaxation and serenity. Helps lower blood pressure. Reduces headache and fatigue.

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