Presidential Yoga Poses: Om-Bama (SLIDESHOW)

Presidential Yoga Poses: Om-Bama (SLIDESHOW)


Letterhead can be Presidential, china can be Presidential and so too can yoga be Presidential. In fact, if we assembled the premiere candidates before us on yoga mats and offered them poses that would help them gain insight into what it takes to lead to the best of their ability as well as feel physically agile and mentally more acute, this is what we would prescribe. Check out some of the other candidates' assignments, like Getting Sarah Palin Fit For Office, Biden's Willpower Workshop and Anti-Aging Asana for John McCain.

Gladiator Abs

For Mister Obama we will focus on abdominals because with his Poitier-like passion and JFK-like prowess he is a thinking woman's President who upon reflection of our own gut check, we know can save our nation. But abs of steel will help him (and us) stand taller, literally and figuratively, and remain centered when it is difficult to fight the good fight.

Plus, we want him to not only look amazingly svelte upon swear-in but also to avoid the belly fat that is especially dangerous to a man's health. We'd lobby for everyone to do this core workout because it burns fat faster than you can say, "swing state."

And as you head to the polls or stand in your shower, you can chant what we have dubbed the Obama Mantra: "OmBama." Not far off from his actual name, substituting the word 'om' the most common sound associated with yoga which means which "the vibration of all things" for the first syllable "oh" can invite the world to tune into the Obama agenda. He's the man and he's the mantra which - simply put - is a thought you repeat in your mind until it becomes meaningless and is transformed into a mechanism to soothe the mind.

Like the Little Engine that Could's famous line, "I think I can I think I can," saying "OmBama" in your head three times with closed eyes can bring about positive energy around that message. And if "OmBama" isn't working for you, "Yes We Can" certainly will. Altogether now: "OM BAMA. OM BAMA. OM BAMA. There's no Prez like OM BAMA."

Pilates Slacklining

Side Plank

One Leg Rock

Rolling Pike and Ab Balance You'll need an exercise ball for the first one and a strap or sock for the second.

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