Presidential Yoga Poses: Willpower For Biden (SLIDESHOW)

Presidential Yoga Poses: Willpower For Biden (SLIDESHOW)


Letterhead can be Presidential, china can be Presidential and so too can yoga be Presidential. In fact, if we assembled the premiere candidates before us on yoga mats and offered them poses that would help them gain insight into what it takes to lead to the best of their ability as well as feel physically agile and mentally more acute, this is what we would prescribe. Check out some of the other candidates' assignments, like Getting Sarah Palin Fit For Office, Om-ing For Obama and Anti-Aging Asana for John McCain.

Good old Joe Biden. What a true blue grown up. While we could have offered a yoga practice for commuters here (to get to work he treks from D.C. to Delaware; devoted family man that he is) we felt that Biden gets the gold star where we all fall short--in the category of willpower.

In today's day and age of email trysts, online insta-shopping, and lunchtime eyelid lifts, maybe a little dose of old fashioned class and education would do a nation good. The way Biden makes his way in the world is not only human but yogic. How? He always seems to take the high road and wage war with the low. And even after one good yoga class you'll realize that you have the internal resources to do the same.

From the stretch at your desk, to taking a silent moment to count your blessings when you pass a car accident while commuting, and from avoiding snarky utterances to offering your kind but truthful opinion, you are harnessing your own ability to provoke change even if you are not a White House policy-maker.

If we took Biden to the yoga mat we'd enroll him in a bootcamp called willpower workshop. He'd sit at the head of the class because he is a living, breathing exception to what is fashionable today: allowing hubris to anoint the inept political star status. The workout we prescribe is meant to reinforce the classical yoga philosophy that mat work -- poses, breathing and meditation -- allow one more time to choose their reaction to a situation. For example: Joe Biden's responses to Sarah Palin in the Vice Presidential debates. Rather than chuckle and demean his colleague from behind a podium he allowed her to finish and graciously chose his response. All great leaders lead by example.

So let us all drop quietly to the mat and work on bolstering our own iron wills. When we falter we can watch Biden and learn.

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