Presidents Day: Spending The Night In Presidential Bed And Breakfasts

B&Bs Fit For A President

If every sign saying, "George Washington Slept Here" were truthful, our foremost founding father certainly wouldn't have had time to fight off the British between naps. But something about the presidency inspires myths and a desire for a sort of intimacy with power. Once a president stays in a hotel or bed and breakfast, that place has been marked forever. The passage of power is a great thing to write up on a brochure, especially around Presidents' Day.

It is, unfortunately, easy to get drawn in by false claims. The insinuation that "Eisenhower stayed here," can rapidly change into the disappointing fact that it was Arthur Eisenhouser, an insurance salesman from Dubuque. This is why real history nerds must work hard to seek out genuinely presidential accommodations.

In order to find the nine presidential bed and breakfasts below, we consulted with the experts at, who know about this sort of thing. The results of that search were surprisingly varied and extremely attractive. Turns out one can not only sleep like a president on Presidents' Day, but eat like one as well.

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