Presidents Day: Healthy Ways To Make The Most Of It

It's a rare gift to have a day off from work. According to the American Time Use Survey, employed Americans work an average of 7.9 hours a day on the weekdays, and 35 percent of us work on the weekends, too.

In the U.S., there's no set amount of holidays an employer is required to give to workers, but on average, American workers are awarded 15 holidays during the year, according to financial services consulting firm Mercer's Worldwide Benefit & Employment Guidelines report.

When you consider that many of those days off are religious or American holidays -- days usually full of family or spiritual obligations -- there aren't many days set aside for you to just be.

On President's Day, there aren't any family meals to attend or religious rites to uphold, making it the ideal day off. If you have today off, reclaim it as a day for yourself. Working too much has been linked to depression, heart problems and trouble sleeping, among other concerns, so here are a few of our healthiest suggestions for how to make the most of today.

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