Presidents Gone Gray! (SLIDESHOW)

Presidents Gone Gray! (SLIDESHOW)

On Wednesday the New York Times reported that only 44 days into the presidency, Barack Obama is already going gray.

"I started noticing it toward the end of the campaign and leading up to inauguration," says Deborah Willis, who, as co-author of "Obama: The Historic Campaign in Photographs," pored through 5,000 photographs of the first head over the last year.

Of course, Obama is growing older, and gray hair is part of the aging process. But, the NYT reports, even that seems to happen at an accelerated rate when you're President.

"Presidents age two years for every year that they're in office," said Dr. Michael F. Roizen, co-founder of RealAge, a Web site that tells you how much older your body really is because of all that smoking and drinking you have been doing.

Take a look at how the presidency has made men go gray below.

Or see a slideshow of other silver foxes in politics.


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