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Pressed Powders We Love: How One Product Can Save Face This Summer

07/12/2012 01:45pm ET | Updated October 11, 2012

I've never been much of a foundation girl (I'm not ashamed of my imperfect complexion) and bold blush in shades of fuchsia and russet rose are reserved for after 7pm. So, when it comes to my everyday makeup routine, I like to keep things simple with just a few swipes of pink lipstick and mascara. However, during a recent visit to Washington D.C. for a family reunion (which also happened while the nation's capital was experiencing an intense heat wave), my hands were glued to this compact of pressed powder.

I usually shy away from the product as images of women with ghostly faces come to mind, but pressed powders have come a long way since Old Hollywood, according to celebrity makeup artist Amy Nadine. And much to my surprise, the finely-milled powder had removed all traces of shine and left behind a silky, matte finish--making me the star of all the family photographs.

"Pressed powder is perfect for quickly absorbing any oil along the T-zone (forehead, nose, upper lip and chin) and is convenient because you can take it with you without the messiness of loose powder," says Nadine. "They're also great for the sweltering summers because our skin tends to create more oil than it does in the dry winters."

Nadine adds, "I love to apply it with an eyeshadow brush instead of a big powder brush so I can directly target the T-zone, leaving the cheeks dewy and alive. For convenience on the go, I prefer the sponge that typically accompanies pressed powders."

Are you a fan of pressed powder? What do you like most about the classic beauty product? Tell us in the comments section.
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