'Pretty Little Liars' Finally Reveals The Identity Of 'A'


After more than six seasons, "Pretty Little Liars" has FREAKING FINALLY revealed the identity of stalker/tormenter "A."

ALERT ALERT SPOILER ALERT: The following post contains MAJOR MAJOR SPOILERS for "Pretty Little Liars" Season 6's mid-season finale, "Game Over, Charles."

'A' is CeCe.

CeCe was formerly known as Charles.

A whole lot of other things were also revealed in the info-packed episode. Some key takeaways:

-Mona killed Bethany.

-Bethany killed Marion, and blamed it on CeCe.

-Jessica orchestrated a coverup which made the police falsely declare Marion's death a suicide.

-Sara Harvey is Red Coat and Black Widow because they are boringly the same person. (Guess her old school friends were right about her being a MEAN MEAN girl.)
-CeCe hit Ali on the head "that night" thinking it was Bethany.

This is a developing, highly important news story of the century.

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