Ashley Benson Confirms 'Pretty Little Liars' Will Finally Reveal 'A'

You'll uncover the truth in the finale.

Although she’s been busy wrapping up “Pretty Little Liars” and moving to New York City, Ashley Benson took some time this week to support Giving Tuesday, a day that encourages people to donate money and time in the spirit of the holidays.

“Everyone knows about Black Friday, Cyber Monday ― I was kind of brand new to the Giving Tuesday thing and I think it’s so important now in the holiday season,” said Benson in a brief phone interview with The Huffington Post.

Recently, Benson has supported the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and ShareTheMeal (which provides food to children in need). “I’m a huge animal lover and I love kids,” said Benson. “Both of them mean a lot to me and any time I find a charity that’s close to my heart, I want to do everything I can to get the word out.”

In that spirit, Benson also made herself available to talk about the upcoming final season of “PLL” in order to spread awareness about the charities she supports.

Talking about the elusive “A,” who has been haunting Benson’s character and the other protagonists during the entire series’ run, the actress confirmed the show will finally make the big reveal in the finale.

Benson only found out the mysterious identity of “A” about “six months ago, maybe a little less,” but that was still before she received the script detailing the reveal.

“I think everyone kind of knew who ‘A’ was before we shot the finale,” explained Benson. “I think everyone kind of asked around and found out ... I’m very impatient and I love to know everything so, I had to figure it out.”

Well, fans will finally uncover the truth when the final episodes of “Pretty Little Liars” begin airing on Freeform April 18.


Benson is also supporting PayPal’s fundraising page, which is adding 1% to charitable donations.



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